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UV Lights Services

What are the best UV lights for my home?

Basically, there are two types of UV lights: air sterilization (also known as in-duct UV lighting), and coil sterilization, which is the most commonly used.

Sanitizing airflows as they move through the ducts, air sterilization units cycle on and off with air handler blowers, for lower operating costs. When professionally installed, an in-duct UV light system often includes silver reflectors that step up the effects of the UV beams in the ducts, boosting their performance at little cost.

Targeting problem areas such as cooling coils, filters, and condensation pans, coil sterilization eliminates bio-contaminants that flourish in inaccessible areas like seams, fins and other narrow grooves. Usually located inside return air ducts and operating 24/7, these stick-type UV lights also sterilize air handler coils.

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Good family health through UV light for homes

With most people spending at least twelve hours a day at home, and breathing close on a thousand times an hour, pure is vital for staying healthy. Although filters trap larger particles like pollen, dust and dander, they fail to catch microscopic germs, bacteria and viruses. This is why ultraviolet rays are needed, which can be installed easily through UV lights. Here are some of the many advantages of these powerful rays:


germs, bacteria and viruses, preventing the spread of infectious diseases;


toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by cleaning products and paints;


hazardous mildew and mold spores, easing allergies and lessening respiratory conditions;


unpleasant odors by destroying dust mites and other pathogens

By disinfecting air before we breathe it into our lungs, UV lights for home use are the best option for ensuring pure air right around the clock. These budget-friendly appliances are a great way to slow the spread of airborne infections among people in close physical contact.

UV Lights Services

Advantages of UV lights in Brooklyn, NY

Many trustworthy studies have shown that specific ultraviolet wavelengths effectively inactivate mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, germs and viruses by breaking down their RNA or DNA. This leaves them unable to reproduce or perform their vital functions – which means purer, healthier airstreams.

While ensuring better health for the entire family, installing a UV lights system is also a smart investment. When HVAC systems are clean and sanitized, every item of equipment works better, with lower monthly bills, lighter maintenance, fewer repairs and longer working lives. This is why installing UV lights for homes that are safe and effective is a budget-friendly way of staying healthy while saving money.

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