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Duct Cleaning Services

Better health with professional duct cleaning services,

Just like all HVAC equipment, regular maintenance keeps air ducts functioning efficiently. Although the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends duct cleaning every three to five years, health-conscious homeowners are scheduling annual inspections and more frequent duct cleaning visits.

This is because debris building up in these dark pipes is the perfect hiding place for bio-contaminants. Bacteria, germs and particularly viruses thrive under these dank conditions, wafted invisibly into rooms by constant airstreams. Dust mites and mold spores are other unwelcome visitors that flourish unseen, causing allergies and diseases.

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Long-term savings through duct cleaning in Brooklyn, NY

Larger ‘guests’ also build nests in neglected ductwork, and can gnaw holes through these fragile materials, sometimes requiring complete replacement. So if there are any signs that rodents or insects might be nesting in dark corners, it’s time to call in the best duct cleaner in Brooklyn, NY, before they damage expensive equipment. Here are some of the warning signs that a thorough duct cleaning is overdue

energy bills are rising steadily

indicating that treated air is unable to flow freely through the ductwork;

air filters need changing

every few weeks, trapping dirt and contaminants from polluted airstreams;

grimy vents and registers

show that polluted air is flowing through them, laden with invisible contaminants;

constant respiratory problems

particularly sneezing, wheezing, asthma and allergies;

visible mold

behind grilles is a serious health hazard that requires immediate cleaning and effective humidity control;

patchy outflows

mean that air is not flowing evenly into every room, possibly due to blocked or leaky ducts;

unpleasant smells

can be caused by mildew, old dander, stale tobacco smoke or pest infestations;

odd noises

(usually bangs, booms and pops) can be caused by sudden changes in air pressure, indicating blockages or leaks.

This is when insured and licensed duct cleaning companies are worth their weight in gold, as experienced technicians also check for clogging and gaps as part of their regular service visits.

Duct Cleaning Services

Regular duct cleaning costs are investments in health

Clogged ducts and limited airflows force your entire heating and cooling system to work harder. With higher pressures imposing added strains on complex systems, leaks begin to appear and joints loosen. As efficiency drops, utility bills and repair costs rise, with shorter working lifetimes for delicate equipment.

This is why it’s better to call in the duct cleaning experts sooner rather than later, before accumulated dirt and debris cause serious damage to family health and homes.

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