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Air Purifier Installation Services

Getting the most out of modern indoor air purifiers

Location, location, location – it’s just as important for air purifiers as it is for real estate. Correct placement can boost airflow efficiency by up to 20%, with some models even explaining that they are desk, tower or floor units. On the downside, tucking air purifiers unobtrusively into corners or behind furniture can slash their performances by over 50%.

So here some pro hints on the places where air purifiers work most effectively:

Avoid places with low indoor airflows, like corners or nooks. To perform effectively, air purifiers need at least a yard of clear space all around them. Even books piled on a nightstand can block effective airflows.

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Why install air purifiers in Brooklyn, NY?

There are good reasons why pure air is so important for staying healthy. Most people spend at least twelve hours at home every day, breathing around 960 times an hour. Although fine-meshed filters (usually  with MERV ratings of 8 to 13 in home HVAC systems) trap larger particles like dust, pollen and dander, they fail to catch microscopic germs, bacteria and viruses. More powerful filters are needed to eliminate these bio-contaminants, which can be installed easily wherever needed through high-rated air purifiers.

In fact, the best air purifiers for whole house air cleaning are fitted with MERV 13 filters, which is the threshold hospital level. As an added bonus, these devices capture not only tiny particles like tobacco smoke and cooking oil, they are also fine enough to trap sneeze droplets and even virus-bearing aerosols.

Reminder: For added cleanliness, high-grade filters in heavy-use areas should be changed every month.

Air Purifier Installation Services

Top-performing air purifiers to remove dust effectively

Specifically designed to purify airstreams by removing dust, the latest air purifiers are fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. Trapping well over 99% of airborne particles, these compact and affordable devices help reduce and control dust and other contaminants, including pollen, smoke and mold.

A great way of getting the best out of these health-enhancing devices is to move them around. Usually weighing less than twenty pounds, they are designed to be portable. Merely moving a unit from the sitting room to a bedroom will step up its effectiveness, in terms of better indoor air quality.

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