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Most people spend at least twelve hours a day indoors – which is why Vvoy Services Hub has some great ideas on upgrading indoor air quality in Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding areas. Contact us any time for healthy solutions that won’t break the bank.

Indoor Air Quality

Insights on indoor air quality in Brooklyn, NY,

Inadequate ventilation can develop into a real health hazard. Without steady inflows of fresh air, indoor pollutants can build up unseen, undermining comfort to the point of becoming health hazards. However, even ‘fresh’ air can be laden with contaminants, particularly traffic fumes, pollen and dust. This makes it difficult to ensure good indoor air quality in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to outdoor pollution sucked in by ventilation systems, indoor air contamination is also a hazard. Although dependent on the duration and intensity of individual activities, this is often due to a combination of many sources, including

Air fresheners, essential oils and incense sticks merely mask air quality problems with overlays of  fragrance, actually adding even more chemicals to polluted indoor air. Worse still, pollutant concentrations can remain high for long periods, particularly in places with inadequate ventilation

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Upgrading indoor air quality systems

When people are constantly sneezing and wheezing, there’s a good chance that the culprit is contaminated air circulating through the HVAC system. If regular dusting and vacuuming fail to keep rooms clean, there are fast and effective ways of improving poor indoor air quality: HVAC upgrades.

Changing the filters more frequently is an obvious step. Even better, ask for expert advice on stepping up the MERV ratings, without overstressing delicate ducts and equipment through higher air pressures.

Other budget-friendly options include duct cleaning, humidifiers and air purifiers, while UV lamps zap dangerous bio-contaminants.

Indoor Air Quality

How to improve indoor air quality: HVAC add-ons

Indoor air quality is particularly important for families with babies, seniors and other vulnerable members. Thriving in debris-clogged ductwork, many bio-contaminants – like mold, pollen, bacteria, germs and particularly viruses – are wafted constantly around rooms on airstreams.

However, modern technology has developed many cost-effective responses to these problems including air purifiers, UV lights, humidifiers and no-mess duct cleaning equipment.

With affordable cutting-edge appliances and professional services easily available, there’s no excuse for working, studying and living in unhealthy surroundings. Often costing only a couple of hundred dollars, these quick-to-implement indoor air quality systems can actually save money through better health and lower utility bills.

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