Signs to Call for AC Service in Brooklyn, NY!

It’s hotter than ever outside, and your air conditioner is working overtime to keep you cool. You want to keep your AC running to stay cool but there might be some signs that it is time for AC service in Brooklyn, NY. If any of these signs sound familiar, contact a professional service provider and schedule an appointment:

The unit turns on and off repeatedly without cooling properly: This can be an issue with the thermostat or sensor. In this case, you can call the contractor who completed the air conditioning installation in Forest Hills, as he would know what model and make of your AC unit and suggest the right repair options. 

The unit is cooling, but not as well as it used to: There could be dust buildup on the evaporator coil which inhibits the airflow into your home. Over time this will cause the AC system to work harder and less efficiently. Your service provider can address this problem by cleaning off the evaporator coils using a chemical process known as “Heat Transfer Fluid”. If it does not work out, he may suggest AC replacement in Brooklyn, NY

Strange noises are coming from inside the unit: If you hear unusual sounds like rattling or grinding, don’t ignore them! It probably means that something has come loose within the unit itself, causing stress on moving parts and decreasing performance over time. 

The fan sounds like it’s struggling to stay on: If you hear a clicking or scraping sound coming from the fan, there could be something stuck between the blades. This can cause major damage to your AC system and should be addressed as soon as possible!

Outside units clicking loudly while running:  If your air conditioner is making a clicking sound, it usually means that there is an obstruction in the condenser coils. These obstructions can be caused by many different objects such as debris or insects.

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