Dropping Temperatures Mean It’s Time for the Best Furnace Service in Brooklyn, NY

A happy home needs round-the-clock warmth – and that’s why VVOY technicians are on call 24/7. No matter the weather, we keep families cozy through efficient furnace services in Brooklyn, NY.

furnace service in Brooklyn, New York

Be prepared – keep the best furnace repair contractor on speed dial!

Often running for up to two decades, furnaces are relatively tough appliances. However, they can break down under unusual strains, like trying to keep rooms warm during heavy snowfall.

After ten years, budget-wise homeowners start planning ahead, knowing that even the best furnace repairs will soon become uneconomical. Warning signs of an imminent breakdown include:

  • rattles and buzzes;
  • cracking pipes;
  • high humidity;
  • dusty, sooty air.

Long-term savings through furnace services

A real money-burner, poorly-maintained furnaces waste hundreds of dollars every year, through higher utility bills and more frequent repairs. That’s why professional furnace services are actually a good investment.

Every spring and fall, a certified technician should spend a couple of hours inspecting exhaust flues, venting pipes and drainage tubes, as well as checking the gas line for leaks. Electrical connections should be rushed and tightened, particularly the thermostat wires. The flame sensor should also be cleaned gently, with an emery cloth. Debris must be removed from vents and ducts, making sure that the area around the furnace is clear.

Time for a new furnace installation?

When aging equipment reaches the end of its working life, it’s time for an energy-saving new furnace installation. Not only environmentally friendly, modern models are also budget buddies that earn their purchase prices back in just a few years, through lower utility bills.

Keep winter chills away with top-quality furnace service in Brooklyn, New York

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