The summer heat in Brooklyn can be unbearable without an air conditioner. However, when the AC unit malfunctions because it hasn’t been serviced in a while, it can make things even worse. That’s why professional AC maintenance in Brooklyn, NY is important to keeping your home cool in the summer months and preventing damage to your air conditioning system. At VVOY Service Hub, we offer AC maintenance that helps ensure that your air conditioner operates at peak performance all season long. 

Some of the benefits of calling our professionals are as follows:

It’s important to have regular HVAC maintenance performed so you can avoid an expensive repair or replacement later on. Our technicians will perform a variety of different services for your air conditioning unit, including clearing debris from its condenser and checking to make sure it’s operating safely and efficiently. If there are problems with your system, we’ll let you know what needs to be done to fix them before they become bigger issues.

The frequency of AC service depends on how regularly you use your unit. If you’re using it every day, it should be inspected at least twice a year. If you don’t use it regularly—or if temperatures aren’t hot in Brooklyn in the summer months—you only need to have an AC service performed once or twice per year.

How do we perform AC maintenance in Brooklyn, NY?

One of our technicians will clean the front of your air conditioning unit’s condenser so that debris doesn’t become lodged within its blades and reduce its efficiency. We’ll also check for corrosion or damage, which can cause leaks that are both dangerous and expensive to fix. We’ll conduct a safety check to make sure your system is working properly before finishing services by applying lubricant where needed.

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If you need AC maintenance in Brooklyn, NY, and want to try a new service provider that doesn’t have any hidden fees, contact the VVOY Service Hub. We offer professional AC maintenance for all makes and models of air conditioners. Our team of experienced technicians can quickly diagnose your problem and get it fixed as soon as possible! You don’t even need an appointment – just call 718-635-2572 today to schedule your free estimate with one of our experts!