About Us

At VVoy Service Hub

At Vvoy Service Hub we specialize in Duct, dryer vent, and coil cleaning services, as well as, HVAC maintenance. We provide impeccable service quality at the most cost-effective rates. With years of experience in HVAC maintenance, we have established ourselves as the premium HVAC service in New York City.

Who we are?

Established by Lindon Robertson, Vvoy is a household name in both commercial and residential HVAC maintenance. Our strength lies in our team of dedicated professionals and our superior customer service standards. With a focus on providing our customers with precise, on-time and budget friendly service, we have been able to maintain customer satisfaction. We bring to you the best and most effective solutions backed by our hands-on experience working on a variety of HVAC systems.

From installation to repair and maintenance, our range of services includes everything there is in the HVAC industry.

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Our objective

At Vvoy, we aim to provide top of the line service quality coupled with the best customer experience and establish ourselves as the leading HVAC service in town!

HVAC Services

We help improve the air quality in your workspaces by reducing the amount of mold, dust, and allergen in the environment. Apart from this, we also ensure that you save on heating and cooling costs by controlling the air flow of your heating/ventilation system.


With our customer-centric approach towards our HVAC services, we have managed to prioritize customer satisfaction with our work. For us, all our customers are our Vvoy family. We believe in building relationships and partnerships and not just a clientele.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a team equipped to handle all sort of HVAC installation, repair and maintenance jobs we offer a service guarantee like no other company. Customer satisfaction is always our foremost priority.

Fast & Responsive

On-time service delivery and 24/7 customer support center ensure that you always get the best value for your money.

Fair Prices

We offer services that do not force our customers to break the bank. Our competitive prices and the quality of service that we provide make us an easy choice for people looking for residential and commercial HVAC services.

Looking for HVAC maintenance services? Give us a call…

With a 24/7 customer support department ready to serve you at all times, feel free to reach us and book a FREE consultation. Our representative will connect you to our experts who will visit your premises and analyze your premises before providing you a competitively priced quote.