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Established by Lindon Robertson, Vvoy is a household name in both commercial and residential HVAC maintenance. Our strength lies in our team of dedicated professionals and our superior customer service standards. With a focus on providing our customers with precise, on-time and budget friendly service, we have been able to prioritize customer satisfaction. We bring to you the best and most effective solutions backed by our hands-on experience working on a variety of HVAC systems.

Our Services

The air quality inside your home can affect your family as well as your finances. The presence of dust, mold and allergens can cause health hazards, while poor ventilation can lead to unnecessarily high utility bills.

AC Services

Air Duct Cleaning

Out of sight and usually out of mind too, professionally cleaned ductwork is a secret weapon for better family health. With debris removed, homes are fresher, as pure air flows through every room.

AC Services

Heating & Cooling

With muggy summers and snowy winters, New York weather imposes year-round challenges on HVAC systems. This is why six-monthly maintenance is a must, for greater comfort, lower repair bills and peace of mind, no matter the season.

AC Services

Dryer Vents

On the back of every dryer is a vent that expels water-laden air. These vents should be inspected twice a year and cleaned professionally, removing all the lint, hair and other debris that builds up in these pipes.

AC Services

Indoor Air Quality

Always a matter of concern for families with babies and seniors, pure indoor air is now vital for everyone. Plug-in appliances (like air sanitizers) can be moved from room to room as needed.

Duct Cleaning

Your Expert in HVAC Services

We offer highly personalized HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services to our clients ensuring all customer needs are met. With years of experience behind us and a team that has built up a reputation for being the best in the business, Vvoy provides top quality HVAC services in New York City. CALL Vvoy Service Hub today and let our HVAC and duct cleaning experts help you today!

Top quality Heating, Cooling and Electrical Services in Brooklyn, NY, for your home

Focused tightly on customer satisfaction, VVOY Service Hub is well aware of the importance of top indoor air quality. That’s why our certified technicians are always on standby, ready to respond quickly to calls for efficient furnace repair, boiler repair, electrical repair and AC repair in Brooklyn, NY.

For us, every customer is special. And in fast-paced New York, there’s no time to waste on waiting around for slow furnace repair or air conditioning service in Brooklyn, NY. 

 Familiar with local weather conditions, our entire business is geared to respond instantly to requests for air-conditioner repairs and heating system services. From a simple ceiling fan installation in Brooklyn, NY to state-of-the-art ductless air conditioning systems and even complex whole-house rewiring projects, VVOY Service Hub has the right person for every job.

When tossing up between a new A/C unit installation and replacement of aging equipment, budget-conscious homeowners often seek advice from the experts at VVOY Service Hub. In financial terms, a new furnace installation may well be a real money-saver, with the upfront purchase price quickly earned back in just a few years, through lower utility bills.

However, for systems with fewer moving parts and more robust units, heat pump repair services may well be the best option, especially when supported by twice-yearly tune-ups. It’s at times like these that experienced boiler repair companies  – like VVOY Service Hub – are worth their weight in gold. Backed by broad-ranging know-how, their familiarity with the latest energy-saving appliances on the dynamic HVAC market can save homeowners thousands of dollars over decades to come.

In the city that never sleeps, round-the-clock traffic causes pollution that downgrades indoor air quality. However, modern appliances – like air purifiers and UV lights – can easily be slotted into HVAC systems already in place, removing invisible allergens and killing harmful bio-contaminants. 

At VVOY Service Hub, our job is to keep  families healthy and comfortable, no matter the season!

What our Customer Says


I was satisfied with the service offered, and I appreciated the flexibility of your team to deal with the unexpected that may be encountered during a shutdown. Your ease of adaptation and compliance with internal OSH regulations make you a pleasant team to work with. Your knowledge of the installations and the stability of the personnel who return every year allows for seamless services.



Eric Murphy


Thank you for taking the time to send me the report. I am very satisfied with the work done by you and Your team. Your approach is very professional, and the work well done. You can count on me to speak well of your company, and the service offered, word of mouth being the best publicity there is, and it is in this way, moreover, by a friend satisfied with your services, that I called on you.



Lisa Patrick


Indeed, we are very satisfied with your work. Much less dust in the house. The air seems lighter, and we enjoyed the experience. Thank you for the report, it’s interesting to see the progress of the work.



Stevens Jackson


We are satisfied with the cleaning of the air ducts that you have carried out. The place was clean, despite the work done. There was dust in the air, but this is beyond your control. All in all, it’s a good cleanup you’ve done.




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